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Hello, my name is Ava!

No matter what brought you to this page, I am very happy that you’re here! Throughout my life I have always loved the idea of sharing art with others. Whether it be giving my messily painted works to friends and family, or handing out my oddly shaped beaded hearts to every person I saw, I have always believed that art and its stories should be shared. Although I am only in high school (Stressing in my junior and senior year), I have a lot of experience with art. I have traveled and seen fine works in person, taken multiple art classes and created a variety of my own pieces. For me, art is freedom, theres no right way to do it, no specific way it has to look. The differences and uniqueness in art is what makes it so beautiful.
“Traveling to a new place is something everyone should experience at least once!” Now this is a line I believe everyone has heard, and as cliche as it sounds, I believe that it is 100% true. I have been to quite a few places, and I still remember every single one of them. Traveling is an experience that you can’t quite put into words, its new, beautiful, thrilling, sometimes confusing, and memorable. I have been to many places in Europe and all around America! I have hundreds of pictures from my vacations, and each time I look at them I feel like Im right back in that moment. And thats why I wanted to create this blog. Art and traveling are very distinct, yet so intertwined. Some of the best pieces of works can’t be seen in your own neighborhood and I think thats what adds to the beauty!

About Me


A personal diary of wanderlust and an overflowing wardrobe. Live with passion.